How to add Music in your Instagram Story 2020

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What is Instagram Stories 2020?

Instagram is a very popular brand we talk how to add an Instagram story now you must know what is an Instagram story so, basically, the Instagram story is part of Instagram this provide in insta app when you open the apps then you have seen upper left corner with + icons here you can share your videos, images, pictures, photos or Many more. When you post then that post appears only for 24 hours after that it will disappear automatically and you add many storylines by line in an Instagram story.


How to add music on the Instagram story in 2020

We share detail about how-to story in Insta in simple steps you must follow all steps very carefully to know to add music on insta stories.

Note:- When the Music option does not show then slide down and read and get solution to get the music option in an Instagram story.

Follow all steps very carefully:-

  • First, you open your Instagram apps log in your account.
  • Then, you saw the upper left side of your story option “click here”.
  • After, clicking we have seen many things on your screen then left down corner selected pictures from your system.
  • Now you can slide up your story screen or seen laughing face emoji Click here.
  • Seen music option and tap here and you seen many song show on your screen choose on your needs
  • Click right down corner send to option and story is post and you have seen other phones aslo.


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Why can’t I add music to my Instagram story 2020

When you open your Instagram story then you do not visible or seen music option I know you want to know how to add an Instagram story But you must know this only available in a few countries (Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France, Sweden, the UK, or the USA) but you do not take problem today I will share best tricks to add music on your story very easily so without any waste times lets, starts this blog.

Follow all steps very carefully:-

  1. First, you uninstall your Instagram app from your android phones or phones.
  2. Now you install any VPN from google play store (Note:- you can take also a paid version VPN in free by google chrome).
  3. Now, you connect an (Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sweden, the UK) server with anyone.
  4. When it connected then use 5 Min and then install Instagram again on your phone.
  5. Again you log in your Instagram account to your system.
  6. When you visit your stories tab then you saw the Music option your screen and you can add also for your use.


How to share music on an Instagram story in Hindi

Video credit:- Pankaj Chaudhary


What Kinds of Music You Can Choose?

You can add a lot of thousand tracks from an Instagram story, Facebook and Instagram have belonged from the same company they have many millions song on his records labels you will get top artists song and use it now and enjoy.


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