How to get Job in Google company in india

google job kaise paye

Job in Google Compnay

Welcome, all you dear friends, in your post today we are going to talk about how you can get a job in Google or big companies like Microsoft Flipkart. Because any had a question I asked if I do not have a degree, then I can take a job in Google or big companies like I told you. So with this blog post, you will get to see how to get a job through Google by a certificate and job easily in a big company let us begin this blog with no time Lost.


Cisco – Certificated 

Cisco company which is a very big company in itself and today we will talk about the hate of this company that if you do not have a good degree, then you can become a network engineer by taking a degree through this, if you have a degree of BECOM If you can have a BA only if you do not have a degree of character, it is only that you should be a Graduate, then you will benefit from this, you can work in the big company Amazon, Google by taking a certificate from it, I can say so for this. Why is there a demand for network engineer in every big company.

What is Network Engineer ?

Network engineers is process by which servers and network process work for each and they checked mistake, gliches ,errors or illegal codes in servers.

Network engineer responsibility for setting up, developing and maintaining computer networks to our users.


Google Cisco Job in India

Basically Cisco work on 3 Satges (1st stage CCNA Certificate) (2nd stage CCNP Certificate) (3rd stage CCIP Certificate) by completed this courses you get job in Google company job or Get amazon comapny jobs.

CCNA Certificated 

CCNA (Cisco Certificate Network Associated) have 1 time examination and her classes duration near around 2 months and cost of this certificated 325 $ (you can change in rupee).

CCNP Certificated

CCNP (Cisco Certificate Network Proffesional) is advanced level courses and it have 3 parts Routing ,Switching & tissue and you can do on all certification and i want to say that a single single parts cost is 300$. (cost on basis of 2020).

CCIE Certificated

In cisco CCIE is very advanced level courses here you understand routing ,switching and security and exam have also 2 type written and lab  Written fees is 450 $ and Lab fees is 1600$.


Note :- Must note certification fess  and tranings fees vary

In this courses the best thing in this is that anyone can do it and you have technical mind then you get jobs in free also in a starting i say how get job in google then , i say that when you completed this courses then 100% chances to get entry in google or amazon or any technical company because all company always needed network engineer to fix server and network problems to satisfy to users.


FAQ question

How do you apply for a job at Google ?

Firts you need to sign in to your Google Account After that you need upload your resume to google mail.

Is it hard to get a job at Google?

Yes, Google only take world's top talent, students give chance to work for choosing this student you can mail to google company with your resume.

What skills do you need for Google?

Skills do you need for Google is :- Googleyness, Leadership Problem-solving ability tech skills Persistence and passion. Smart creative

Can you work for Google at home?

Yes,many work-from-home jobs at Google but in some cases you presnet in company to slove the problems.

How can I earn from Google at home?

Make money by connecting it with your Google AdSense account & adwords usings tools and app many more way to earn many more money also.

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