How to lock whatsapp without apps 2020


Lock WhatsApp without apps

So, welcome back to my blog, and today in this blogpost we know how to lock our WhatsApp apps so, we do not need to use the third party app from the Play store right and this is really annoying so in this video, I am going to show how to locking your WhatsApp without using any kinds of third party application and if you lock your WhatsApp that time no one can able to use your WhatsApp and no one can able to read your WhatsApp chat so this is really really awesome feature so before starting the process Alaska something that please subscribe my blog and give also likes.


Whatsapp Lock

Down give follow all steps with very carefully–

  • So you will need to go to the Play Store and then make sure your WhatsApp application already up-to-date.
  • So after updating your WhatsApp Messenger app just click on the open ocean.
  • After that let me select the WhatsApp and you can see I have got I need to enter the password right other is I could enter into this WhatsApp application.
  • So let me I give my password and you can see I can enter into my WhatsApp chat so if you want to do it that time you need to go to the credit line in here just click on it
  • After then click on the settings and that go to the account then go to the two-step verification.
  • I will it so let me disable it first and let me show you again just click on the two-step verification.
  • Then click on other options and after that, you will need to take a 6 digit pin code.
  • And let give it again and after doing that they are you can see add an email address to your account which will be used to reset your pin if you forget it.

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To safeguard, your account just give any can stop Gmail account in ECR ok right now I don’t do it just let me is keeping it so let me sleep it but you will need to give it otherwise you couldn’t enter into your WhatsApp application ok if you forget your password so let me skip it and after that my WhatsApp already and a belt for locking just click on the donation in here and just get back from here and let me open again my WhatsApp and you can see it need to verify our security code.

I mean it sucks for our password ok so it only works for one time I mean I mean if you give your password font in that time they will never ask for your password so you need to again disable that pin code and again and ability took so if you doing that no one can able to use your WhatsApp and no one can able to read your WhatsApp chat so thank you so much for watching this video and if you face any problem “Lock WhatsApp apps without password “ then please let me know I’ll try my best to help you.



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