How to use mid roll ads on Youtube & Facebook

mid roll ads

What is Mid Roll ads ?

Mid-roll ads is online advertising services used when ads play in shorts in the middle of a video. Mid roll ads are a way to make a lot of money to used mid-roll ads in the middle of the videos. That mid-roll ad services are available on many platforms Youtubes, Facebook, and many other Publishers.

But you have known when your videos more then, 10 minutes then you can only use mid-rolls ads in your videos on YouTubes.


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Mid roll ads on Youtube

  • Resolution of videos :-  480×360 or 640×360
  • Minimum Hosted video length :- Must be longer than 10 minutes on youtube.
  • Format of video :- MP4 Recommended, or any YouTube compliant format.
  • Minimum length of video :- 12 seconds
  • Maximum length of video :- 3 Minutes or less for skippable ads.


mid roll ads

Facebook mid roll ads

  • Resolution of Facebook videos :-  Highest possible recommended.
  • Ratio :- 16:9 to 9:16; 16:9 Mostly
  • File size of videos :-  4GB max
  • Length of video :- 5 to 15 seconds.
  • Video captions :- Optional (as on choices)
  • Video sound :- Option, but highly
  • Format :- Most accepted


facebook mid rolls

How do you put ads in the middle of a YouTube video?

Do Youtubers decide where to put ads?

Youtube Creators do not have control over their mid-roll ads YouTube’s ad insertion system decides to insert a pod-based in a youtube videos.

How do YouTube pre roll ads work?

What Are Pre-Roll Ads? Using Google AdWords, ads seen on YouTube videos before the videos viewers on YouTube want to watch. You have to watch for five seconds, and then you can hit “Skip Ad” that are know as pre roll ads.

Why is every YouTube video 10 minutes?

Every YouTube video 10 minutes beacause youtubers want to earn more money in 10 min videos ads show many more times (mid roll ads).

Why Mid roll ads ?

By using mid-roll ads YouTubers can generate more revenue and by using mid-roll ads more profit to the advertising company, they gey targeting audience and a huge profit to the company this type of YouTubers also generate revenue so, maximum YouTubers using more than 10 min videos always.


Mid roll ads youtube pr kaise lagaye 

Video credit :- My smart support channel 

Mid roll ads facebook pr kaise lagaye

Videos credit :- Diptanu sahil

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